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PlayAction Sports Summer Coed Football

Fielding a Team: 6 Men, 2 Women on the field at one time, To start game teams must have at least 6 players, in which 2 must be women.

Game: 2 - 22 minute running clock halves / 1 time out per half

Forfeit Time: A forfeit will be call 10 minutes after game time, if you are unable to fulfill a full team of 8 players , 6 guys and 2 girls. If a forfeit is called a $60 fee will be asset. The team will not be able to play until fee is paid in full. A fee will not be asset if coach calls before day of game and lets league know team will not be able to make it.

Sideline Officiating: All teams are required to sideline officiate. If you do not show up for your schedule time to officiate a fine of $35 will be asset and cannot play until fee is paid. Sideline officials are an important part of the game, let make sure all players understand they are to help keep score and help official with watching the sidelines.

Clock Stops:
First half, the first 21 minutes of the first half of the game will be a running clock. The last minute of play the clock will stop after a , turnover, penalty and/or a time out.

The Official will allow 1 minute after an attempted conversion or change of possession for teams to substitute players in the last minute of the first half. After the official has blown whistle for play to begin the offense may snap the ball and clock will begin. 

Second half, the first 20 minutes of the second half is a running clock under two minutes. The clock is stopped for touchdowns, dead balls, out of bounds, incomplete passes,turnover, penalties, injuries and time outs. The clock will start on the next snap by the offensive team.

Discrepancies: If there is a rule discrepancies - only the coach or secondary coach may discuss the situation with the officials. Coaches, we need your help in controlling your team, please!

Gender Rules:
1 of every 3 plays must involve a female player catching a forward pass, being the intended receiver, throwing a forward pass or running the ball for positive yards (hook and lateral is an acceptable gender play if the female catches the pass for positive yards before lateraling the football)

*Defensive Coverage on a Forced Gender Play: All defensive male players must be directly across from their mark no more than 5 yards from the line of scrimmage before the snap. Male defensive players may not release until the ball is thrown, unless they are following their mark. Male players on the offense may run a route, but may not touch the ball first. Male defenders may not touch the ball until a female player has had a chance to make a play on the ball. If the offense snaps the ball before the defensive male players are set within the 5 yards, there is no penalty on the defense (they are still not permitted to interfere with the play)...the player marked up on the quarterback on a gender play can knock the ball down at the line of scrimmage but can NEVER intercept the ball unless a girl touches it first. If male defensive players purposefully do not mark up, called by the officials, a delay of game penalty will be assessed to the defense. Continuation of such could result in an unsportsmanlike foul. The male defender designated as the rusher, may defend any pass thrown across the line of scrimmage, at the line of scrimmage. If he is successful, the next play is still gender.

If there are 3 female defenders playing against 2 female attackers:
Man to man and the extra defender must stand 10 yards from the line of scrimmage directly behind the ball. That extra female defender may release once the ball is thrown.

If there are 2 female defenders playing against 3 female attackers: Man to man and the free female player may be marked by a male defender, but he may only tag her once she catches the ball or knock the pass down if it is a throw to the end zone. The team up a female player may designate which female player the male defender may mark up against - the male defender must be rotated.

If a team adds more female players to the field on a forced gender play:
The defensive team may play regular defense where men mark up on women. In this situation, the male defenders may make a play on the ball before a female has a chance to make a play on the ball.


Scoring: 6 points for a touchdown / 7 points for a girl to girl touchdown - 1 extra point - 6 yard mark / 2 extra points - 8 yard mark - GENDER carries over to extra points - girl to girl extra points are: 2pts - 6 yard mark / 3pts - 8 yard mark

DOWNS: 2 completions = a first down (the pass must be caught forward of the line of scrimmage, not caught behind the line of scrimmage and ran forward of the line)
You may earn ONLY 2 first downs per possession and they may come at any time after 2 completions are made.

The midline NO LONGER means 1st down

The quarterback MAY run the ball on the defensive half of the field only.

The quarterback MAY not run the ball on the offensive half of the field.

You are allowed ONE blitz per four downs, except gender plays. Meaning three blitzes per defensive possession. You CANNOT use more than one blitz per four downs, meaning, once you blitz, you cannot blitz again until the downs reset. When blitzing one or all players can blitz.

Rush Count: The defense may not cross into the backfield (across the line of scrimmage) until the side judge reaches the 5 second count. If the ball is handed off or a lateral/pitch is throw the defense may rush in immediately. **After the 5 count, the defense may rush as many players as they like**

IF a player does not have their shirt they can either:
Pay $5 fine and wear Dunce shirt or not play. Only one player can pay fine to wear shirt .

Snap Count: The 25 second snap count starts when the ball is set on the line of scrimmage.

5 yard penalties:
offsides (offense or defense) - replay down
not using a female player in 3 downs - replay down 
too many people on the field - replay down
snap goes to a player other than the player that calls the cadence - replay down 
Delay of game - loss of down 
illegal forward pass - loss of down

10 yard penalties:
Illegal contact - loss of down
face guarding/defensive pass interference - counts as a completion towards a first down
Offensive pass interference - loss of down
Picks by the offense - loss of down
Holding or detaining an offensive player- loss of down
illegal diving forward to gain extra yards - from spot of foul
Stiff arming, contacting - loss of down
Blocking on an interception: 10 yard penalty from the spot of the foul

Conduct: Contact is supposed to be avoided at all costs...this is a social league! Avoiding contact is the responsibility of EVERYONE!!! - A play that may be LEGAL play in regular football, could be considered reckless in co-ed touch football. Players must be under control at all times !! The referee's judgment in determining whether contact is deemed reckless is final. No taunting or abusive language may be used. No rough contact or overly aggressive play!

Disconcertion: any act considered by the official to be an attempt to intimidate or 'rattle' a player attempting to catch a thrown ball. (against the offense - 5 yard penalty and loss of down, against the defense - 5 yard penalty and replay the down)

Attempt to deceive: Any play, deemed by the official, as a play designed to trick or deceive the opponent in an unfair, unsportsmanlike manner, can be deemed an attempt to deceive and is an unsportsmanlike foul.

***Any rules not specified above will revert to the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) Football Rules for 2018. With one specific exception that all 15 yard penalties will be assessed as ten yard penalties due to shortened fields***

Have fun, meet some new people, get in a good work out!!!!

All players must be in the current sport PlayAction Uniform shirt in order to particpate. Swapping or sharing shirts is not permitted. If you do not have your shirt you can pay a Fine of $5 and wear a Dunce shirt. Only one player per team can pay fine. If fine not paid player can not player.

In any sports, contact is supposed to be avoided at all costs...this is a social league!
No taunting or abusive language should be used. No rough contact or overly aggressive play and no fighting!
Have fun, meet some new people, get in a good work out!!!!

PlayAction Sports & Social Club does not offer refunds for any reason. Any unused monies may be transferred to a future event at the discreption of the PlayAction Sports & Social Club.

By signing the team roster/release form, your phone number will be used by PlayAction Sports and ONLY PlayAction Sports to contact you via text message about cancellations and upcoming events.

By particpating in PlayAction Sports & Social Club events, you agree to the PlayAction Release. All players agree to sign the PlayAction release before stepping on the field of play.

8 Men, including QB on the field at one time
2 - 22 minute running clock halves

Clock does not stop for anything but time-outs in the first half
Clock stops on the last 2 minutes of the second half only (regular football rules)
1 time out per half
All players must have uniform shirt on in order to play
25 second snap count


8 v 8 coed 

Minimum 5 to play

Running clock, 22 minute per half (only stops in the 2nd half under 2 minutes)
1 timeout per half (does not carry over)

Forfeit Time:
Teams will have 10 minutes AFTER the scheduled game time to have the minimum numbers of players present – if not, they will forfeit. Forfeit twice and your team will not be able to play in playoffs.

Players must wait 5 seconds on the line to rush the quarterback


IF a player does not have their shirt they can either:
Pay $5 fine and wear Dunce shirt or not play. Only one player can pay fine to wear shirt .

You are allowed ONE blitz per four downs. Meaning two blitzes per defensive possession. You CANNOT use more than one blitz per four downs, meaning, once you blitz, you cannot blitz again until the downs reset. When blitzing one or all players can blitz.

All receivers are eligible
NO flag guarding
NO rushing inside 5 yards of the opponent’s end zone

Any fumble is a dead ball (if a punt hits the ground it is dead at the spot)

Quarterback allowed to run on any play

ONLY the captain can ask about a RULES CALL – NOT a JUDGEMENT CALL

DO NOT bother refs over judgment calls (i.e. out of bounds or flag guarding). It slows the game – we will give you a PENALTY if we feel arguing non rule calls slow down the game.
Players arguing with ref, will be given one verbal warning and will have to sit out 5 plays. If arguing continues will be asked to leave game. If player leaves game, will need permission from commissioner to return the following week. This is a social league, keep the game fun.

 A player with the ball cannot block a defender from pulling his flag intentionally or unintentionally. A player may not stiff arm another player at any time – 5 yard penalty from spot and down counts
Flags must be worn with a flag on each hip and one down the back.
Flag belts must contrast with the player’s pants/shorts. If a player comes with clothing that conceals the belt they may NOT play.
Shirts must be tucked in and not covering the belts at any time.
A player may not lower a shoulder to shield a flag or to feign a hit – 5 yard penalty from spot and down counts (subject to unsportsmanlike penalty).
Flag belts must be fastened without a player attempting to gain an advantage. Players caught tying or taping their belts are immediately ejected.
If after a score the flag belt is checked and is not in line with fair play, then the points are waived off. Flag belts must be over a player’s shirt (except if pulled out by the defense in attempt to get flag).
A player shirt must be under the belt. A defender may not hold an offensive player to gain access to their flag, this is defensive holding and is a penalty.
A player may spin to avoid a flag pull so long as they do not break the above rules.
A player may not intentionally discharge a flag on the opposite team who does not have possession of the ball. (Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty – 15 yards).
QB towels or pockets – QB’s (and all players) are not permitted to play with any towels or hand-warmers around their waist
Flag Belt Penalties
Flag Guarding – 5-yards from the spot and loss of down.
Offensive flag belt penalty – 15 yards, replay down
Defensive flag belt penalty – 15 yards, from the line of scrimmage. If there is a scenario where a defensive player intercepts the ball and it is then discovered that he has an unapproved flag belt, the interception stands and the penalty is enforced from where the interception occurred (half the distance to the goal if inside 15 yard line).


Touchdowns are worth 6 points. Extra points from the 5-yard line are worth 1 point. Extra points from the 10-yard line are worth 2 points. Safeties are worth 2 points. Turnovers on an extra point conversion may be returned. A return by the defensive team is worth 2 points, even if the offensive team was going for a 1 point conversion.

Extra Point Conversions:

If your team has used the automatic blitz during the scoring set of downs, you DO NOT have a blitz for the conversion. Ex: you blitz on 2nd down and the team scores on 3rd down, your team CANNOT blitz on the conversion without counting to 5

1st Downs

1st downs are made when a team reaches the 20, 40, or 20-yard line . A team has 4 downs to make a first down. If the offensive team does not make a 1st down in four downs, a change of possession occurs. The ball is marked where the player with the ball was tagged.


A safety may be scored when a player is tagged in his/her own end zone when that player is on offense. A safety will also be called if a player snaps the ball out of the end zone. The defensive team will be awarded 2 points and then take the ball on their 5-yard line. If a player is catching a punt, has not caught it yet, and fumbles in his/her own end zone when he does try initially fielding it, the ball is dead. The receiving team retains possession. The ball is placed on their own 5-yard line and they begin an offensive series


A team will have the option of punting on the 4th down. The offensive team must declare that they are going to punt. No fakes are allowed. All offensive players must stay on the line of scrimmage until the ball is punted. The ball does not need to be hiked. The ball must be punted and not thrown. The defensive team may not attempt a block. The receiving team may fair catch the ball or may attempt to advance it. Once a punt is dropped or touches the ground the ball is dead, the defense cannot recover a fumble.


Turnovers may occur by interception. An interception occurs when the ball leaves the possession of the offensive player, is in the air, is recovered by the defensive player, and does not touch the ground at any time. Interceptions may be advanced.

Rushing the Passer

The defense can rush the passer after the Ref, who is on the line of scrimmage, counts 5 Mississippi’s. Only 2 defensive players may rush the passer at a time. The defensive player is not allowed to cross the line of scrimmage until the count reaches 5. Do not float or drift in before the count, as this is a blitz and if you do not have one this will be an illegal rush that will result in a penalty. Also, if the QB tries to run, the defensive player may not cross the line of scrimmage until the QB has crossed the line of scrimmage, i.e. the QB crosses the line of scrimmage and then turns back. Once the QB hands off/passes to another player behind the LOS, then the defense may rush everybody and no count is needed. Additionally, the defense may blitz once every series of downs. No 5 count is needed. If there is someone lined up behind the QB the defense can rush one person unless handed off at which time anybody can rush.

On 1 and 2 point conversions you can use your blitz if you did not use it since the last 1st down. Ex: if they score on 3rd down and you did not blitz on those downs you can blitz on the conversion

5-Yard Penalties

Shirt-holding (definition at referee discretion)
 Defensive Pass Interference (10 yds and an automatic 1st down)
Any contact with the offensive receiver that hinders their ability to catch the ball. This includes chucking at the LOS or downfield. Inadvertent contact does not count as pass interference.
If the offensive team does not use a female in one of its’ three consecutive plays, the penalty will be enforced until a female is used. I.e. it was 2nd down and then it becomes 3rd down and marked off 5 yds.
Delay of Game (5 yds )
If the offensive team does not get a play off in 30 seconds once the ball is in play or if the defensive team interferes with the offensive team at any time to hinder them getting off a play in 30 seconds.
Illegal Participation (5 yds)
More than 8 players on the field or more than 5 males on the field when the ball is snapped.
Offensive Offsides (5 yds).
Any player not being set for 1 second except a player in motion.
Defensive Offsides (5 yds )
When the defensive player crosses over the LOS and does not get back or makes contact when they cross over the LOS.
Illegal Forward Pass (5 yds and loss of down).
When the QB crosses the LOS and then throws the ball.
Intentional Grounding (5 yds and loss of down) 10 second run-off, last 2 min.
When the QB throws the ball into the ground or into an area where the referee decides that it was only an attempt to avoid being sacked. If the QB throws the ball out of bounds, the ball must first cross the LOS. If it does not, a penalty has occurred. Spiking the ball to stop the clock is not a penalty.

10 Yard Penalties

Blocking (10 yds).
When any type of active blocking is engaged by an offensive player. Penalty is 10 yards from the spot of the infraction.
Offensive Picking/Offensive Pass Interference (10 yds).
When an offensive player initiates contact, such as pushing off. Picking will be called when a receiver comes off the LOS and picks a defensive player to allow another offensive player to shake that defender. If a catch is made after a pick, it will be ruled no catch.

15 Yard Penalties

Unsportsmanlike Conduct (15 yds, ejection, and/or suspension).

For all other rules:


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