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Spring Football

Fielding a Team: 6 Men, 2 Women on the field at one time, To start game teams must have at
least 6 players, in which 2 must be women.
Game: 2 - 22 minute running clock halves / 1 time out per half
Forfeit Time: A forfeit will be call 10 minutes after game time, if you are unable to fulfill a full
team of 8 players , 6 guys and 2 girls. If a forfeit is called a $60 fee will be asset. The team will
not be able to play until fee is paid in full. A fee will not be asset if coach calls before day of
game and lets league know team will not be able to make it.
Sideline Officiating: All teams are required to sideline officiate. If you do not show up for your
schedule time to officiate a fine of $35 will be asset and cannot play until fee is paid. Sideline
officials are an important part of the game, let make sure all players understand they are to help
keep score and help official with watching the sidelines.
Clock Stops:
First half, the first 21 minutes of the first half of the game will be a running clock. The last minute
of play the clock will stop after a , turnover, penalty and/or a time out.
The Official will allow 1 minute after an attempted conversion or change of possession for teams
to substitute players in the last minute of the first half. After the official has blown whistle for
play to begin the offense may snap the ball and clock will begin.
Second half, the first 20 minutes of the second half is a running clock under two minutes. The
clock is stopped for touchdowns, dead balls, out of bounds, incomplete passes,turnover,
penalties, injuries and time outs. The clock will start on the next snap by the offensive team.
Discrepancies: If there is a rule discrepancies - only the coach or secondary coach may discuss
the situation with the officials. Coaches, we need your help in controlling your team, please!
Gender Rules:
1 of every 3 plays must involve a female player catching a forward pass, being the intended
receiver, throwing a forward pass or running the ball for positive yards (hook and lateral is an
acceptable gender play if the female catches the pass for positive yards before lateraling the
*Defensive Coverage on a Forced Gender Play: All defensive male players must be directly
across from their mark no more than 5 yards from the line of scrimmage before the snap. Male
defensive players may not release until the ball is thrown, unless they are following their mark.
Male players on the offense may run a route, but may not touch the ball first. Male defenders
may not touch the ball until a female player has had a chance to make a play on the ball. If the
offense snaps the ball before the defensive male players are set within the 5 yards, there is no
penalty on the defense (they are still not permitted to interfere with the play)...the player marked
up on the quarterback on a gender play can knock the ball down at the line of scrimmage but
can NEVER intercept the ball unless a girl touches it first. If male defensive players
purposefully do not mark up, called by the officials, a delay of game penalty will be assessed to
the defense. Continuation of such could result in an unsportsmanlike foul. The male defender
designated as the rusher, may defend any pass thrown across the line of scrimmage, at the line
of scrimmage. If he is successful, the next play is still gender.
If there are 3 female defenders playing against 2 female attackers:
Man to man and the extra defender must stand 10 yards from the line of scrimmage directly
behind the ball. That extra female defender may release once the ball is thrown.
If there are 2 female defenders playing against 3 female attackers: Man to man and the free
female player may be marked by a male defender, but he may only tag her once she catches
the ball or knock the pass down if it is a throw to the end zone. The team up a female player
may designate which female player the male defender may mark up against - the male defender
must be rotated.
If a team adds more female players to the field on a forced gender play:
The defensive team may play regular defense where men mark up on women. In this situation,
the male defenders may make a play on the ball before a female has a chance to make a play
on the ball.
Scoring: 6 points for a touchdown / 7 points for a girl to girl touchdown - 1 extra point - 6 yard
mark / 2 extra points - 8 yard mark - GENDER carries over to extra points - girl to girl extra two
extra points are: 3pts - 6 yard mark / 4
pts - 8 yard mark
DOWNS: 2 completions = a first down (the pass must be caught forward of the line of
scrimmage, not caught behind the line of scrimmage and ran forward of the line)
You may earn ONLY 2 first downs per possession and they may come at any time after 2
completions are made.
The midline NO LONGER means 1st down
The quarterback MAY run the ball on the defensive half of the field only.
The quarterback MAY not run the ball on the offensive half of the field.
You are allowed ONE blitz per four downs, except gender plays. Meaning three blitzes per
defensive possession. You CANNOT use more than one blitz per four downs, meaning, once
you blitz, you cannot blitz again until the downs reset. When blitzing one or all players can blitz.
Rush Count: The defense may not cross into the backfield (across the line of scrimmage) until
the side judge reaches the 5 second count. If the ball is handed off or a lateral/pitch is throw the
defense may rush in immediately. **After the 5 count, the defense may rush as many players as
they like**
IF a player does not have their shirt they can either:
Pay $5 fine and wear Dunce shirt or not play. Only one player can pay fine to wear shirt .
Snap Count: The 25 second snap count starts when the ball is set on the line of scrimmage.
5 yard penalties:
offsides (offense or defense) - replay down
not using a female player in 3 downs - replay down
too many people on the field - replay down
snap goes to a player other than the player that calls the cadence - replay down
Delay of game - loss of down
illegal forward pass - loss of down
10 yard penalties:
Illegal contact - loss of down
face guarding/defensive pass interference - counts as a completion towards a first down
Offensive pass interference - loss of down
Picks by the offense - loss of down
Holding or detaining an offensive player- loss of down
illegal diving forward to gain extra yards - from spot of foul
Stiff arming, contacting - loss of down
Blocking on an interception: 10 yard penalty from the spot of the foul
Conduct: Contact is supposed to be avoided at all costs...this is a social league! Avoiding
contact is the responsibility of EVERYONE!!! - A play that may be LEGAL play in regular
football, could be considered reckless in co-ed touch football. Players must be under control at
all times !! The referee's judgment in determining whether contact is deemed reckless is final.
No taunting or abusive language may be used. No rough contact or overly aggressive play!
Disconcertion: any act considered by the official to be an attempt to intimidate or 'rattle' a player
attempting to catch a thrown ball. (against the offense - 5 yard penalty and loss of down, against
the defense - 5 yard penalty and replay the down)
Attempt to deceive: Any play, deemed by the official, as a play designed to trick or deceive the
opponent in an unfair, unsportsmanlike manner, can be deemed an attempt to deceive and is an
unsportsmanlike foul.
***Any rules not specified above will revert to the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools)
Football Rules for 2018. With one specific exception that all 15 yard penalties will be assessed
as ten yard penalties due to shortened fields***
Have fun, meet some new people, get in a good work out!!!!


Cedar Lane Regional Park Bel Air MD

Beginning Date: 
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
End Date: 
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Contact Name: 
Kelly Griffin
Contact Phone Number: 
Handicap Accessable: 
Phone Number: 
1100 Cedar Lane
Bel Air


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