FootGolf is the New Hot Commodity at Many Maryland Golf Courses

FootGolf, a newer sport that has created a lot of attention nationally & internationally (i.e. McIlroy v. Rooney Nike commercial), is being added to golf courses all over the state. A close relative of the game the Scots developed, footgolf combines aspects of golf and soccer into one. FootGolf courses run right along side golf fairways, usually in the rough areas of the green. Golf courses around Maryland have started implementing this family friendly sport to their existing course as either 9 hole options or a full 18 holes.

FootGolf is also imagesvery similar to golf in the fact that there are pars for each hole, and players want to get the lowest score possible in order to win. Players strike the soccer ball toward the designated hole, where the hole is much larger and deeper than a normal golf course hole. Many of the rules from golf pertain to footgolf; players must wear golf apparel, appropriate shoes, their soccer ball must be easy to identify and so on.

Montgomery County Golf Course has nine golf courses in the area, and two of them have recently added footgolf. Our Maryland Sports staff visited the Northwest Golf Course to try the sport out for ourselves and had a blast while doing it.

Janet Ortega, General Manager of the Northwest Golf Course, states “Footgolf has increased the exposure of the golf course to a whole new medium of people. Not only are they interested in footgolf but also are now intrigued by the golf courseDSC_16781 and want to learn the game if they don’t already play. It has also created a sport that a multi-generational family can do together because of the low impact to the body and the ease of the game.”

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