Gone Fishin’- Charles County Is the New Hot Spot for Fishermen

With the fall season just beginning in the fishing world, many aspiring fishermen in Maryland are looking to catch the fish of the year. Whether you are a small time fisherman looking for some recreation or a competitive outdoorsman looking to win money, Charles County has everything you need. With various parks, piers and rivers of your choosing, fishing in Charles County is better than ever with tournaments almost every weekend and tons of fun to be had for you and your family.

Smallwood State Park oFLW fishing picn Saturday, October 11th to Sunday October 12th held the 2014 FLW College Fishing Northern Conference Invitational; a fishing tournament for college club teams. More than 30 teams competed for the top prize of $4,000 and qualification in the 2015 College Fishing National Championship. These teams came from colleges as far as Michigan State to as close as schools from around the east to compete for the top prize. West Virginia University took home the glory as they caught 10 bass for 32 pounds and 2 ounces. This event yearly brings in a positive economic impact for Charles County and is estimated to have a little more than $170,000 in impact. Year after year this event is a success and has shown perspective fishermen and tourists the natural beauty of Charles County.

Through a rich history of fishing, Charles County has become one of the premiere locations in Maryland. With quite a few prime locations, it is a fisherman’s choice of where he or she wants to catch the fish of the season. The abundance of bass, snakeheads and various other fish make Charles County stand out over all other locations. If you are looking to compete in a fishing tournament, look no further than Smallwood State Park. This is seen as the number one location for fishing in Charles County according to officials and is the site of a new fishing tournament almost every weekend. What makes this site special, particularly for competitive fishermen, is the variety of locations that are available to you. If you are more of a river fisherman, the park contains a dock that leaks out into the Potomac River. If that isn’t for you, there are a number of piers and other sites available to fish from.  Smallwood State Park is also a great site for leisure fishermen or families. They have campsites available along with various other activities for families to enjoy.

Charles County is also the home of some great fishing spots by the means of their creeks. Mattawoman Creek on the Potomac River is the home of various types of bass, along with pumpkin seed fish, gar fish and yellow Perch. This creek is known for its great fishing and some of the largemouth bass caught here have been some of the largest in the county. Nanjemow Creek also provides Charles County with some great fishing.  This creek, located outside of Riverside, Maryland, is home of fish such as  crappie, American shad, white perch, gar, largemouth bass, striped bass, channel catfish, bluegill, yellow perch, pickerel, black bass, blue catfish, American eel, bullhead, hickory shad, carp, white catfish and panfish. These two creeks are good for fishermen looking for a nice day out on the boat, or a families looking to take a break for the day.

Along with the beautiful creeks in Charles County, rivers happen to be some of the hot spots for fishermen over the years. There are two great fishing spots to check out if you’re looking to fish on the river. The first is the Port Tobacco River, located near Mount Air, Maryland. Whether you want to fly fish or use bait casting, you are sure to catchsmallwood state park boat pic a few fish here such as channel catfish, smallmouth bass, rock bass, largemouth bass and white perch. The Wicomico River provides another great river fishing spot. Located near Cobb Island, Maryland, this fishing location provides fishermen with a great day of fishing for the large stock of brown trout. Both locations have been fantastic destinations for fishermen over the years and have proven to live up to their outstanding descriptions.

For many people, competitive fishing just isn’t for them, as they would rather sit down, cast their line and just enjoy the day. Well, Charles County has a few perfect destinations for you. Friendship Farm Park has a beautiful pier which is great for bringing a nice cooler of beverages, food and bait. At Friendship Farm Park, you have the opportunity to relax, enjoy the views and if you are lucky, reel in a few fish. Along with Friendship Farm Park comes a more family oriented fishing location called the Southern Park Pier. Located in Newburg, Maryland; this pier is home to a wide variety of recreational activities besides fishing. It has ball fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, and the fishing pier. Southern Park is perfect for any family trying to get out of the house for some fresh air and good fishing.

Charles County is known to be rich in history and tradition. One fishing location that has a perfect blend of history and recreation is Mallows Bay Park. This destination is the site of the largest ship graveyard imallows bayn the Northern Hemisphere and is a spot that needs to be visited. But with the history, comes the fishing and a lot of it. Visitors are encouraged to bring a kayak and set out into the waters, not only to get close to these amazing pieces of history, but also to reel in a few bass and snakeheads. Hiking and exploring are also available in this area as well. Another spot that mixes outdoor recreation and fishing is Gilbert Run Park. This is the site of various outdoor activities for the family, along with a strong presence of fishing. This scenic lake is the site of various fishing piers, as well as picnic areas, hiking trails, petal boarding, canoeing and kayaking. So bring down your fishing poles and enjoy the lake.

If you are interested in visiting these fantastic destinations, there are more than a few hotel accommodations for you. Feel free to call the Charles County Office of Tourism at (301)-396-5819 with any questions.

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