Lax Inception & Harford County are the New Hot Spot for College Recruiting

The beginning of a summer filled with top-notch girl’s lacrosse started this past weekend with the 2015 Lax Inception tournament at Cedar Lane Regional Park and Carsins Run Fields in Harford County.1409359280

Hosting age groups from current high school freshmen to seniors, the tournament is specifically for players showcasing their talent to college recruiters. Top colleges and universities varied in attendance with schools such as perennial powerhouses University of Maryland, Duke University and Penn State University to newcomers Florida Southern University and University of California Berkeley. College recruiters traveled across the country to check out some of the best competition in effort to draw these players to their campus.

In regards to Lax Inception, Monmouth college coach Eileen Ghent stated, “Lax Inception is a great tournament to attend as a college recruiter. At some tournaments over the summer, it is hard to get a chance to watch all of the players you are interested in within a small time frame. At Lax Inception, you’re not only watching one player on one team, but a handful of players on both teams at a high level of play.” As additional perks to Lax Inception, college coaches are offered a catered event for meals, sunscreen, free parking and tents with seating to enjoy watching the game.IMG_4037

As the level of play continues to develop into higher competition at a younger age than in the past, the prospected players have to show an interest for colleges and universities as early as a freshman or sophomore in high school. Many players that fall under this category send e-mails to their list of possible colleges prior to the tournament. Current Hofstra University defender and North East Maryland Select (NEMS) 2018 assistant coach, Audrey Byrd helps out her team with some advice on being seen from schools. “I tell my players to e-mail more college coaches than they think they would be interested in from all over the country. I also tell them to create a list for Division I, II, and III schools no matter what they have their heart currently set on. The e-mail should include where their games are the upcoming weekend with corresponding times and field numbers. This gives the player the best chance to be seen.”

President of NEMS Lacrosse, a premier club team based in Harford County, Adam Grzybowski had an excellent experience this past weekend at Lax Inception. “Our sidelines were crowded with coaches from multiple schools. The scheduling was done well to make it easier for coaches to stay between two fields and watch two games at once. Another great perk was the tournament’s website was up-to-date after every game with stats for each team and their records to see who would advance to the championship game.”image1 (1)

Overall, the tournament was a huge success for not only the players but the coaches and recruiting staff as well. To learn more about Lax Inception, visit their website at

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