Revvin’, Rockin’, and Rollin’: Around the Track and the Quake

One of the most memorable quotes from Forest Gump is when his mother tells him, “Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you are gonna get.”  What’dya know? Momma is always right!

After fulfilling the usual morning tasks- checking emails, voicemails, and making calls- we decided to check out the newest edifice that was installed for the Baltimore Grand Prix.  Yellow pedestrian bridges have been erected to allow people attending the three-day event to cross the streets during the race.  What turned out to be a small excursion quickly escalated to an entire tour of the 2.1 mile course.  However, the unexpected 45 minute power walk quickly translated into some great pictures of the view around the track.

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All of the gorgeous portable planters along the East Warehouse and Camden Station have been relocated to Williams Plaza and various entrances to Oriole Park.  The VIP grandstands, stretching almost the length of Camden Station, are going in now.  They provide a premium view of the turn into Pit Row.

Post-lunch provided another check off the bucket list- experience and SURVIVE an earthquake.  While tornadoes and hurricanes are not uncommon occurrences in Baltimore, they are (somewhat) predictable.  Now, briefly imagine yourself sitting on the shoulders of a stilt-walker and suddenly being pushed from behind.  Well that is what it’s like to be sitting at your desk on the 14th floor of the World Trade Center in Baltimore when the largest earthquake in the DMV happens.  The WTC is a prestigious name, yet for obvious reasons, it carries an unsettling past.  The scramble to decipher the cause of the “shakes” resulted in some alarming answers.  After speculation, we quickly decided it was time for an evacuation.  The stairwell became flooded with employees as everyone from the 28th floor on down rushed to safety.  Once we saw the “light at the end of the tunnel,” everyone let out a deep sigh of relief.  As expected, people texted family and friends to reassure themselves of their safety.  Facebook and twitter answered the question on everyone’s mind.  After a 30 minute hiatus and inspection we were given the option to return to work in the building or call it a day.  I had had enough adventure for the day and chose the latter option.

Can’t wait to see what excitement the Grand Prix will bring!

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