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USSSA Eastern World Series 2016

We congratulate you on your season so far and look forward to having you join us as the USSSA Eastern World Series returns to Wicomico County/Ocean City. Below you will find important information that will help guide you while preparing for your trip to the World Series in Salisbury/Ocean City, Maryland.

2016 Tournament Dates

  • Week 1: July 13-17 - 10U Open, 12U Open
  • Week 2: July 19-24 - 14U A, B
  • Week 3: July 25-30 - 16U Open & 18U Ope, 18U B 

Game Day USA 2015 Perspectus

About Game Day USA
Game Day USA, based in Naperville, Illinois, specializes in weekend athletic events in family vacation destinations. The organization has emerged as a national leader in creating innovative sporting events in baseball, fast pitch softball, and themed running races.