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IGNITE SwimRun Maryland

Participants traverse through a pre-marked course in nature alternating between running and swimming. Swim legs may consist of long open ocean swims, rocky rivers or crystal-clear lakes while runs are on anything from roads, fire trails, technical rock scrambles or whatever nature puts in front of you. Athletes typically participate as a two-person team of men, women or mixed but individual options are also available.

As a team, you must remain within 10-meters of each other, this is not a relay. You share the experience, the fun, the beauty and the suffering.

2015 Maryland Senior Olympics Swim Meet

Our 36th annual state meet for men and women, ages 50 and above. Compete in age group competition to win gold, silver or bronze medals in 14 swimming events. Participate for the competition, personal times or for the great camaraderie. Very fun day. Warmups are 8-8:50 a.m. and the events begin at 9 a.m. with each event following the conclusion of the prior event. Entry fee is $25 per person for one event, then $5 for each extra event.