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The Neon Run Shines a Light on the Running Community in Frederick - Maryland Sports Commission

The Neon Run Shines a Light on the Running Community in Frederick

10537203_627643984014773_149832695533630054_o   The Neon Run, a fun and family-oriented race, came to the Frederick Fairgrounds on July 25th.  The Neon Run focuses more on fun than speed in this nighttime 5k that you will remember for a lifetime. This year, around 2,500 participants came out to take part in “the run that will simply blow your mind!”

Based out of California, the 5k has been in existence for 3 years and has grown to be an event that families and friends do not want to miss out on. The Neon Run hosts events everywhere from the west coast to the east coast. This year, they brought their first event to Maryland.

There are several n11351116_752640334848470_6193614059152608294_neon stations set throughout the lit course where participants get sprayed with neon glow powder. At the end of the race, everyone can join in on the fun of the Epic After-Party and listen to music, dance with their friends and have a great time.

“Our largest events were San Francisco’s Candle Stick Par and San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium with 12,000+ and 11,000+ back in 2013.  Now with more and more
options for runs, The Neon Run consistently gets 2000-4000 participants,” said Steve Clayton, a proud member of the Neon Run team.10624835_627644164014755_8969225154902297670_n

When asking Clayton his thoughts about working Neon Runs in locations all over the country, he said “my favorite part about working The Neon Run is the part about seeing families and friends come looking for fun.  The sole mission of The Neon Run is creating colorful memories through fitness and fun!”

“The participants, spectators, and families were awesome. We got so many thank you’s and compliments.  It is great for our team to hear that after all of their hard work in the hot sun all weekend. We were glad to know that the participants enjoyed themselves” Clayton also stated.

To see dates and locations of upcoming Neon Runs, visit www.theneonrun.com for more information.10620614_627644640681374_6464452048380190810_n

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