Zombie Jamboree — the Latest in 5K Fun

My oldest son, whose idea of exercise is strumming his guitar, recently informed me he was in “training” for a 5K race this fall.  I could not have been more shocked if he was auditioning for the Sugar Plum role in our local Nutcracker.

So it was with immense curiosity I looked up Run For Your Lives, a 5K obstacle course race where you combine physical challenges and sloppy terrain with dodging the zombies who are out to eat your brain.

That’s right – zombies.  They lurk behind every challenge.  And if they catch you and snatch your life force (contained in a belt) you either become one of the undead yourself, preying on fellow contestants.  Or try to finish with what’s left of your brain.

With his theatrical background and limited race cred, I think Brandon is a lock for the Beetlejuice brigade, but he insists he is in it to finish – with or without his grey matter.

Since it will be run October 22nd, I’m guessing the zombies won’t be the only ones in costume.  This is an inaugural event, so most folks don’t know what to expect.  They just know it will be a fun run, big mess, and good party.  And it is in Harford County (Darlington,) convenient to the Maryland/Delaware/Pennsylvania demographic.

So if you want to one-up your Run Amuck or Warrior Dash experience, try giving the zombies a run for their money.  All you have to lose is your brain.

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