The Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) works to promote historic preservation, adaptive reuse of existing venues, community redevelopment, cultural arts, and civic pride.

Maryland Stadium Authority

The Maryland Stadium Authority is a catalyst for enhancing Maryland’s quality of life and creating a climate where industry can flourish. Every project undertaken by MSA has contributed to the community where it is located, and the local economy it helps support.

It has the latitude to negotiate with other government jurisdictions and departments within the State. It also has a mandate to create public-private partnerships for financing and operating facilities.

The Maryland Stadium Authority represents more than buildings. Its continuing legacy is found in activities and attractions that entertain and educate, enriching the Maryland experience for those who live, work, and visit here.

They provide a link with our past and investment in our future, offering opportunity for our business sector while offering an enjoyable experience for citizens of all ages and interests. They represent civic provide; fostering community and shared experiences.

The Maryland Stadium Authority is a place where commerce and culture meet the public sector’s ability to provide these amenities for its citizens.

Maryland Stadium Authority

333 W. Camden St., Suite 500
Baltimore MD 21201