Youth & Amateur Sports Grant Program
and Michael Erin Busch Fund


Before Applying

Non-governmental Maryland-based entities, confirm your entity is in good standing with the State of Maryland. Check here

Read over the Guidelines

Have budget worksheet– either using the template or your own layout- ready for upload. Reminder, this document is used to confirm the amount requested is 30% of the budget.

Be sure to consider how Grant deliverables, ie signage, into your budget, if needed. Per the Grant & Fund Guidelines, Maryland Sports Commission/the Grant & Fund must be recognized. See ‘Being in Compliance’ below/Brand Use Guidelines. Click here to access our logo files.

If you are a for-profit entity, you will be required to submit a non-profit partner for each event.

Non-profit entities, you will submit your proof of non-profit status when you create your account.

In order to submit the application, contact with a TEAM Maryland member must be made. Each TEAM MD member has a code to they will supply you to complete the application. If you have issues receiving a code, contact the Grant Manager.

After Award

Quick Close Out

Being in Compliance

Brand Use Guidelines can be found here

Logos can be found here

Examples of brand placement

Below are images of all forms needed within the context of the Grant and Fund. A link to each is in the sections above.